“Caught Her Cheating With Another Man”: 23 Moments That Made People Realize They’d Married the Wrong Person

A recent internet survey posed the question, “When did you realize you married the wrong person?” Here are the 23 eye-opening moments that made the penny finally drop and the divorce bells start ringing!

Unhappy Honeymoon

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“She wanted to do some light pre-dissertation research. I spent the entire two months alone in tiny hostels while she did research. I couldn’t afford to fly back home. I felt trapped.”

“You’re on your Honeymoon, and your wife wishes you weren’t there? Why didn’t you drop her on the spot?”

No Self Esteem

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“One day, I realized I had become a smaller version of myself. All because of her.”

“This hits hard. My friends tell me they like the new me. I don’t know why I ever let myself be reduced. I think she left me with a bit of imposter syndrome, but it turns out I’m dope.”

Disrespecting Boundaries

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“She spent a fortune on unnecessary things for our wedding; I’d be the one fitting the bill on the credit card she ran up. I told her no more; she said she wanted an ice cream vendor there, but I said no. On the day, in comes the ice cream truck. I knew right then, sadly.”


Treat Women Well No Matter How They Treat You
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“A woman I was dating told me she divorced her husband because after his father died in his arms, he was very depressed, and she didn’t want to be around depressed people.”

“Imagine; your father dies, then your wife leaves you because you haven’t recovered from it.”

Quick Temper

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“He screamed at me, telling me he hated traveling with me and accusing me of ruining his vacation. Then he went swimming with his two friends, who he insisted come with us on the trip. I was too stunned and humiliated to do anything except sit on a beach chair and cry.”

Discovered Them Cheating

Brutal Honesty
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“Catching her with another man in my car didn’t help the case to stay married.”

“She’d been cheating on me for about ninety percent of our ten-year-long relationship and only stuck around because her ex didn’t want her, and she didn’t want to take care of herself.”


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“When I was on medical bedrest and caring for our infant son after having emergency surgery for nearly bleeding to death after a miscarriage, he came home from work, looked me dead in the face asked why the dishes weren’t done.”


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“When she sat me down and with a straight face and said, “I’ve thought about this, and you’re not going to exercise anymore.” I was jogging a few miles a day. She said you’re a father, and it’s too time-consuming. That’s when I realized I made a terrible mistake.”


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“When my mom returned from the hospital with me, my sister was wearing a diaper that hadn’t been changed in days, and the house was a mess. Before asking to see the new baby, my father asked what was for dinner. At that moment, she knew it was over.”

No Trust

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“I had a moment of clarity and literally said to her, “You don’t trust me, do you?” Before she could answer, I said, “You don’t trust anybody.” And she just agreed.”

“For me, it was when I realized I couldn’t trust him on anything. It was an ugly truth.”

Bad Parent

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“The final straw; our son wanted a hug goodnight before bedtime. She locked herself in our bedroom and refused because she had hugged him earlier.”

“She would throw the kids out of the bathroom completely naked because they splashed her while taking a bath. They were 2 and 4.”

It Wasn’t Me

move out
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“I thought it was me. I could be a better husband, more caring, more supportive, more anything she needed. If I could just be a better spouse, she would love me, and we would be fine.”

“Then it hit me; she doesn’t love me. I was never going to be someone she loved.”


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“The entire wedding day was all about her, and she spent more time hanging out with her friend and getting drunk than with me. I found her passed out drunk upstairs in a bedroom.”

“She went into in-patient treatment. After she sobered up, she told me she didn’t love me.”

Inappropriate Partying

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“When I lost twins, and he dropped me off at the hospital to get an operation to have my babies removed. He dropped me off at the hospital bleeding and went to a party with his friends… I knew right then. I left this man years ago. I’m doing well now.”


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“She was getting ready to go to the pub, and I called to say my car had broken down, and I was stuck 7 miles from home. She wouldn’t help. We had two cars. We split two months later.”

“That is Cruel. I’m really sorry the person you chose literally left you stranded.”

Not Friends

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“When I realized if we weren’t married, I wouldn’t have wanted to be his friend.”

“Once I realized that if I had met him in adulthood (not in our mid-teens), I wouldn’t be friends with him or date him, I knew it was time to end it. Thankfully we weren’t ever married.”


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“The worst thing in life is to end up with people that make you feel all alone.”

“After we buried my beloved aunt, he said, “That’s over with. Let’s move on.” I was speechless and went to bed by myself, feeling so utterly lonely. Two days later, he forgot my birthday.”

Horrible Accusations

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“When he accused me of sleeping with my own father (an amazing man and still to this day the best father he’s known). The amount of stuff my father had “stealthily” arranged for him to try and help him through hard situations was beyond gracious and said a lot about them both.”

All Take and No Give

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“I waited on her hand and foot. Brought her tea, checked every room for intruders, went to the store if she wanted a snack, etc. One day I was really sick with the flu and asked if she’d get me a Gatorade from the store. She was shocked that I asked and said, “Absolutely not.”

Emotional Abuse

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“He slept with my niece, and it just kept getting worse from there. With all the gaslighting and psychological trauma and abuse, I’d never wish that to anyone, not even his mistresses. I wish our country permitted divorce (we’re in the Philippines). We’re still together.”

Personal Discontent

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“We’d been engaged for just over a year when I realized I didn’t actually want to be with her, I just was too invested, and I didn’t want to make her upset. I knew we would end up getting divorced at some point down the road, so I decided to end it before then.”

No Compliments

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“I looked good in my suit and remarked how beautiful she looked. I waited for her to say something nice in reply, but she didn’t. And it just hit me. I couldn’t remember a single time that she complimented me on my appearance. Not once. It was a sign.”

No Sexual Chemistry

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“My wife once told me “I love you, but I don’t love you like that.” It’s hard sometimes to be in a relationship where there is absolutely zero sexual chemistry.”

“The sex was awful. We just weren’t physically compatible. We forced it until we couldn’t even fake the passion anymore.”

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