The 19 Best Movies of the ‘80s

The ‘80s are considered intoxicating to people who didn’t live through them, from ‘80s fashion to heavy pop music. The vast quantity of great movies released during this decade also contributes to the fondness with which they are remembered. Here are 19 of the best movies from the iconic period of the ‘80s: Fanny and … Read more

17 Celebrities Who Were Told They’d Never Make It Because of Their Looks

Meryl Streep and Don Gummer Denis Makarenko _

In Hollywood, the pressure to meet traditional beauty standards can be challenging. Yet, many individuals have defied these pressures and gone on to be highly successful. In this post, we’ll look at 17 celebrities who’ve done just this. Gwyneth Paltrow Throughout her career, Gwyneth Paltrow endured harsh comments about her appearance. In 1994, she auditioned … Read more

20 Perfect Female Leads Who Completely Stole the Show

Female protagonists have recently been very popular in Hollywood, but these aren’t the first feminist icons and complex female leads to have graced our fictional worlds. A recent internet survey wanted to know, “Who is the best-written female protagonist and why?” We collected the 20 best answers: Ellie Sattler (Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton) “I … Read more

Unforgettable Finishes: 30 Movie Endings That Left Us Speechless

Get ready to relive some of the most unforgettable and awe-inspiring cinematic moments in film history! Someone recently asked, “What’s the best movie ending of all time,” and here are the top 30 answers. Good Will Hunting (1997) “This. I’m a sucker for ambiguous endings. Sad and ambiguous makes it Oscar-worthy, in my opinion.” “Will … Read more

18 Movie Mysteries That Still Have No Explanation

Movie makers often leave certain plot points ambiguous to spark discussions and theories among the audience. While some mysteries are later resolved in sequels or by the filmmakers themselves, others remain unexplained. Here are 18 movie mysteries that still leave us scratching our heads The Entity (1982) The Entity tells the tale of Carla Moran, … Read more

19 Movies That Flopped But Became Cult Classics 

Tim Curry – Frank-N-Furter (The Rocky Horror Show) 20th Century Studios

Not all movies find commercial success immediately after their release. Oftentimes, we witness films that failed at the box office, either deservedly or otherwise, but gained a cult following over time. Here, I shall explore 19 movies that received bad reception when they premiered but have risen to the status of cult classics: The Boondock … Read more

How Many of These 17 Legendary Cult Classics Have You Actually Watched?

Certain films rise above the boundaries of mainstream success. These cult classics are characterized by unique charm, unconventional appeal, and an unwavering fan base. In this post, we’ll explore the top 17 cult classics of all time. Fight Club (1999) When Fight Club was first released in 1999, it didn’t receive much attention, and its … Read more

30 Films Loved by Critics But Failed To Win Over Movie Fans

A user on Reddit recently asked, “which legendary classic movie left you disappointed when you finally watched it?” We compiled the top 30 answers and some may come as a surprise! Crash “Thought this would be some deep exploration of the darkness in the human psyche. Instead, I felt like I watched a cheap movie, … Read more

10 Iconic Movie Lines You Didn’t Know Wasn’t in the Script

While these iconic lines need little introduction, none of them appeared in the original script. From ad-libs to full on improvisations, read on for 17 memorable lines that made it into the movie right on their own.  “Here’s looking at you, kid” – Casablanca One of the most famous lines in film history was not … Read more

Who Needs Reviews? 40 Movies We All Love Despite Critical Flops

As movie lovers, we often turn to reviews and critics to help guide our choices in selecting the next film to watch, but they aren’t always right. Someone recently asked, “What is a movie that critics hated but you actually loved,” and people were quick to respond. Here are the top 40 answers. Hook (1991) … Read more